Bioprocifier PUROO® ELEMENTS

At Ecoplast, we have decided how to produce biopurifiers that are simple and reliable. Together with the German leading partner ATB, which operates in the field of wastewater treatment systems, we have combined the best characteristics of the tested biopurifiers. We have developed a simple and reliable technology for the SBR biopurifier. Ecoplast biopurifier, type PUROO® ELEMENTS, is based on aerobic purification. The entire process is monitored using a monitoring device of different programs of the type: ECO, S or SSW. A patented reliable ball valve is installed in the biopurifiers. The biological module is designed as a mobile technological equipment, which can be serviced without additional emptying of the chambers and is pulled out using two previously unscrewed safety screws. Biopurifiers operate on the principle of activated sludge according to the SBR purification process. With average water use, up to 3 cycles take place daily.

Cleaning stages:

Phase 1 Filling - wastewater enters the first chamber (primary settling tank), where non-degradable substances are deposited. Through the opening in the partition wall, the wastewater flows through the overflow into the SBR chamber at the bottom of the SBR reactor. Surface water is leveled by a biopurifier.

Phase 2 Purification- when the water level is low, the mechanical float valve directs the air into the aerator, which is located at the bottom of the biopurifier (aerobic ventilation is performed). The air supply to the aerator is enabled by a compressor (located next to the control device), which is connected to the air supply pipes to the biopurifier.

Phase 3 Settling phase - the settling phase follows, where activated sludge (sludge) settles at the bottom of the SBR chamber.

Phase 4 Removal - When the water level increases to a certain height, the mechanical float valve diverts the air from the aerator into the suction pipe after which the purified water is pumped from the SBR reactor. The first wave of purified water is retained by an expansive vessel, which directs the water to the primary precipitator (first chamber) as return mud.

Other purified water is gravitationally drained from the biopurifier via drain pipes. The water level is reduced to a minimum, so the air supply is redirected to the aerator. This is followed by a repetition of the entire cycle. The cycle of wastewater treatment depends on the time and the actual height of the water (inflow into the biopurifier).

Bioprečišćivač AQUAmax®

At the heart of our AQUAcare product range is sustainable water management with Ecoplast biopurifiers, type AQUAmax®, developed in collaboration with German partner ATB. The biopurifier operates according to the SBR cleaning procedure in the manner of regulated aeration. So easily, in a completely biological way, it treats more than 150 l of household wastewater per person in just one day, to the extent that the parameters of treated water at the end are twice as good as the legal regulations.

In a protected area where the regulation prescribes an additional degree of purification - denitrification, this is easily made possible with the AQUAmax® system. The denitrification process is simply programmatically switched on in the control device without any investment in additional equipment. The AQUAmax® biopurifier housing is easy to install during construction and prepares for the subsequent installation of the biological module. Until the final phase of construction, it can be used as a rainwater reservoir, and later after the completion of construction and moving in - to establish a connection and start a biological treatment module. If you will no longer use the existing bio-purifier (eg when connected to a public sewer network), the biological module is simply removed from the housing, then the housing is cleaned and used as a rainwater tank.

The biopurifier consists of 2 chambers - a primary precipitator and an SBR reactor - and works on the basis of the SBR system for purification of fecal water by aeration, which is based on four-phase water purification.

Those phases are:

Phase 1 Filling - water, which is collected in the first phase of sedimentation, the system sends to the biological chamber SBR;

Phase 2 Treatment - the controlled system purifies the wastewater in six hours, alternating intervals of ventilation and calming;

Phase 3 Calming - during the resting phase the sludge is deposited on the bottom of the chamber which is in the housing of the biopurifier;

Phase 4 Removal - purified water is suitable for discharge into the environment, therefore it flows out of the system.

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