Ecoplast is company that specializes in the field of filtration, softening and purification of drinking water. Thanks to our business partners we offer our clients comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs and desires.

Every hotel, restaurant, industrial plant, farm, public parking space or any other business or apartment complex can, with the help of our products, solve the problem of the collection of water and treatment of wastewater and also the filtration of the drinking water.

The new in our offer are microbiological and completely natural products which help solve the problems of: unpleasant smell from the sewer, improve the work of the septic tank and bio purifiers, removing the fatty deposits from the pipeline, easily clean the containers and garbage trucks and many other.
Wastewater is water that has gone through a use cycle and become harmful to the environment. According to the place of origin, they are divided into sanitary, industrial and atmospheric wastewater.
Our company specializes in providing support and wastewater treatment.

This type of wastewater is polluted with human waste (feces and urine), waste from meal preparation, laundry and hygienic maintenance of living space. In principle, they are harmful to the environment, due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, primarily of human origin (feces, urine, mucus), disinfectants and surfactants.

For this type of processing, we offer top-class devices created in cooperation with the German partner ATB, namely PUROO® ELEMENTS and AQUAmax®. In addition to these devices, ie. bio purifiers, we also offer separators of different categories: grease separators and oil separators (different classes).

The fat separator is used in industrial and catering facilities, from which fats and oils of animal and vegetable origin can be poured into nature. Their use is mandatory in large kitchens, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, food distribution facilities, slaughterhouses, food processing facilities.

Oil separators are designed to clean water from mud and oil, because atmospheric water mixes with oil and mud, flows from asphalt and concrete surfaces into the sewer system or into nature. Last but not least, our offer of water and sewage equipment is no less important.
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