Home water stations, water filtration and softening

The house station is intended for installation at the entrance to the building, as a central system for filtering and softening water. It effectively protects plumbing, sanitary fittings and equipment from damage caused by hard water. We are aware that water problems are very different and individual. In such cases, we design systems according to your wishes and needs.

The house station is intended for installation as a central filter system at the entrance to the building. It guarantees excellent water purification and limescale neutralization with the product "VULCAN" or "GAMMA".

The TriplexZK-I filter system guarantees excellent mechanical water purification. In the combined system, several expertly selected filter cartridges are placed in parallel, which thoroughly clean mechanical particles, sludge, chlorine, bad smell or taste of water.

To neutralize limescale and corrosion, there is the "VULCAN" or "GAMMA" system.

3100V eKo, home water station
Home water stations HVP - 3100V eKo effectively protect plumbing, sanitary fittings and devices from damage, which cause impurities in the water and hard water.
HVP plant for houses, single-unit units HVP-3100V is intended for installation as a central filter system and neutralization of limescale at the entrance to the building.

Vulcan is an effective neutralizer of limescale and corrosion, which physically (without the use of chemicals or salts) affects dissolved calcium bicarbonate in water (limescale) and thus prevents the deposition of limescale in pipes, heaters, showers, sanitary fittings, etc.

Vulcan does not change water hardness. It changes the physical properties of the dissolved minerals in the water so that they no longer bind to each other. VULCAN achieves this effect with its patented pulse technology, which is transmitted to the water via cables. For operation, the device must be connected to the power supply. Cleaning descaling, which usually requires a lot of effort and time and aggressive means, will be facilitated, because by installing the HVP eKo device you will thoroughly purify water and prevent the formation of stubborn scale.

Reasons for installing HVP eKo:
5 Year Warranty
Using original parts, quality and tested materials.
Confidence in the quality and performance of Ecoplast HVP,
we have supported the EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR WARRANTY.
Guaranteed professional installation and service.

Home station components:
Triplex ZK10-i, combined filter system (with filter cartridges).
VULCAN 1000 Pro-24, limescale and corrosion neutralizer.
Metal bracket,
three-valve pipes (for by-pass mounting - allows easy maintenance and replacement of filter cartridges).
Key for easier opening of the housing.
Instructions for installation and use.

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