How to really solve the problem of constant clogging of the sink?

There are not many things that can make work in the kitchen as difficult and impossible as clogged sink does. In addition to the pile of dishes, dirt is created, unpleasant odors, but also nervousness and tension (kitchen staff know what we are talking about).
There are various instant solutions we try to in order to get rid of the clogging. The famous baking soda and vinegar, disassembling a siphon or, in the last resort, a plumber. If it is a minor blockage in question, sometimes we succeed, but mostly the problem returns very quickly.

But let's go a little deeper into the essence of the problem and see how and why the problem of a clogged sink arises.

What is the main cause of sink clogging?

The main cause of clogging of the sink is not large leftover food or something similar, but FAT from food leftovers and from washing coffee cups. The fat sticks to the sewer pipes in the same way as, for example, cholesterol to the blood vessels, thus clogging the pipes and clogging the sink. Precisely for this reason, the methods we mentioned above do not solve the problem because they do not remove and destroy fat, but only temporarily make some small passage for water.

How then to solve this problem?

It would be logical to solve this problem only by somehow clearing all that grease from the pipeline, right?
ecobrown na djelu
Ecoplast has the answer. ECOBROWN is a product that breaks down fatty deposits and dirt from the pipeline and enables its normal functioning.

How does ECOBROWN remove grease?

You have probably heard of ECOBLUE, our odor remover. ECOBROWN is a product from the same family of microbiological products made from North Sea algae, which works by "microbiological organisms" attacking and breaking down fat particles that cause clogging and decompose organic waste into biological compounds COMPLETELY NATURAL.


Pour one dose (1 deciliter) into a bowl with 4-5 liters of water and stir, then pour in the evening into the clogged drain and let it rest for the night. In the morning let the water swell and the problem will be solved.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure every 6-7 days, to make sure that the blockages will never return.

ECOBROWN is ideal for restaurants, hotels, large kitchen systems, but also for households and apartments.

ECOBROWN is packaged in 1 liter bottles (10 doses) and that is the quantity that is sufficient for a period of 8-10 weeks, i.e. 2 to 2 and a half months.

The price of ECOBROWN preparation is 24.50 euros, and you can find it in any KIPS or Drvomont store.
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